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School of Communication hosts international research workshop on Future Science Leaders

The Center for Media and Communication Research of the School of Communication held the Future Science Leaders Research Workshop between 16 and 18 November.

The three-day conference aimed at providing a platform for exchange among academics, educators and advanced doctoral students on the latest development path of research practice. More than 20 participants from Hong Kong Baptist University, Leipzig University, Ohio University and Zhejiang University took part in the research workshop.

The workshop also offered the participants the opportunities to discuss future 4-way collaboration on a variety of academically and socially enriching activities, such as symposiums, research projects and study tours. In the coming years, the four institutions also plan to join hands by vigorously promoting student/faculty exchanges in both the short and long-term.

Professor Huang Yu, Dean of School of Communication, said: “It is the hope that such international collaboration will enhance further the quality of our research works and the exchange experience offered to both faculty and students earlier has helped broaden their horizons, build their international knowledge and cultural competency and strengthen their communication skills. After completing their studies at the prospective universities, students will emerge further along the road to becoming informed global citizens ready to meet the challenges of the global era.”

(Adapted from School of Communication, HKBU)

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